Modern Romantics

by adaline

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It takes only a few moments of conversation with the prodigiously talented composer/vocalist Adaline to be drawn in by her insightful intelligence and charm. It takes a similarly brief length of time when listening to the powerfully evocative, darkly cinematic and 
percussive poetic melodies of her music to experience another side of the artist – one that is intensely revelatory, emotionally unbound and searing in its honesty. Like a modern day torch singer.
A successful and prolific composer of music for film and television the Toronto based Adaline has had music 
licensed more than sixty times including multiple songs on Grey’s Anatomy, 90210, Ringer, Lost Girl, Flashpoint and The Samaritan starring Samuel L. Jackson. She also collaborated on the score for the Bret Easton Ellis written film The Canyons with Brendan Canning of Broken Social Scene.
Adaline returns with a new collection of songs aptly entitled 
Aquatic coming out worldwide June 2, 2017. Conceptualized on the ocean it lyrically serves as a 
metaphoric baptism - that of starting over. Aquatic is a journey through the darker side of love. It speaks to the unending search for real connections in a world where such a notion is riddled with cruel falsehoods and misplaced expectations. 
“We are living in a time where people are so afraid of connection. It makes them run and hide. Love can’t thrive in that kind of 
environment,” says Adaline. 
“I attempt to love freely. This is terrifying for people because I throw myself into it without overthinking. For me, it ends up in 
either a true connection, or in devastating heartbreak. But when the latter happens at least I can make some honest art,” she muses.
The lead single “Entertainer” is one of the more pop-oriented tracks on the album, with an energetic tone and tempo that belies the 
cynicism of the lyrics. 
“I don’t need another person to merely entertain me romantically. I’m looking for a little bravery. I find it a common sentiment in my generation: we’re looking for something just a little more profound.”


released November 1, 2011



all rights reserved


adaline Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: That's What You Do Best
The way that you are, so practiced and cold
Takes the chill out of me, lets the story unfold
You count every step as a moment in time
And you count every breath that you take next to mine
Take out all your books, write down every line
and pull out every phrase that makes you feel alive
You want what is best and you want what is true
But the truth has no rules according to you
The way that you move, so dainty and fine
Makes a man out of me, makes the colours combine
You want more control, you want more success
So take it out on me cause that’s what you do best
So pull it off this robe of safety
My empty heart could love you dearly
Dive deep where the water’s warm
Track Name: The Noise
Breathing in our tough skin, breathing out is such a waste I hold it in, suffocating, my attempt at preservation
This city’s full of scattered life, we barely meet each other’s eyes
We’re romantic but all we hear is the noise, the noise, the noise
The noise, the noise, the noise (fifth harmony)
I’ve been gone for far too long the city kinda got me down
The busy buzz of station hum goes round and round and round
I see some colour around the borders but how we ever gonna make it through
All the noise, the noise, the noise
Moments of peace are bitter-sweet cause you know you have to leave
Every dream has to end so that we can see the difference
Pulsing bass and swinging hips clutter up all our senses
We want quiet but all we hear is the noise, the noise, the noise
The noise, the noise, the noise
Track Name: Rebels of Love
I never think about love, I only feel gusts of lust
My feminine nature crumbles into feminine dust
The white picket dream slips away and I’m free
to trade lifetime for moment just to get some release
No longer trapped by decisions or my strong imperfections
I’m not really that bitter only mildly enlightened
I’m not wanting to live my whole life as your wife
So I can make you your dinner, tuck your kids in at night
Will life be romantic when we lose our mystique
Once are bodies are wasted yielding to the twenty-somethings
A people void of tradition, experiences forgotten
Wisdom buried beneath the wishy-washy redundant
Ahhh, ahhh They don’t want our voice to make a sound
ahhh, ahhh, They politely want to grind us down
But we’ve got too much now at stake to give it up to them
We’re Rebels of Love
What’s so modern about you and your obnoxious agenda
You hide your skeletons so well a single stain couldn’t touch ya
Caught by my strength, or at least the appearance
I sit and mumble my words so that you barely hear them
Still we’re fighting the ages with an unbridled vigor
To be anything useless but not anything bigger
I’m not wanting to live my whole life in the lie
That who you are doesn’t matter just look good when you die
I gave it all I played the part, I laid it down, my wasted heart
The toxic air inside our lungs, but they don’t care our hearts die young
Track Name: Say Goodbye (I Won't Even) - heard on "Grey's Anatomy"
You and I together, we play games to get along
Jilted by forever, wide-eyed beauty far gone
But you’re not there, and I don’t even care
I won’t even say goodbye
No, I won’t even say goodbye
Oh no
Stepping on each other, you dream I have a different face
Defeated by my cover, different legs stand in my place
But you still stare, and I don’t even care
Track Name: Cost Is Too High (Not to Love)
Lay your life on mine and I’ll carry you through
Make good use of time and I’ll stand with you
Cause I’ve got all my life to love you and so do you
So there’s no home for doubt
If you’re scared we’ll work it out
And the lives that we share could be anywhere
For as long as you’re mine we can stand the test of time
For the cost is too high not to love
Put your cares on mine and we’ll carry them through
Walk the firing lines with the power of two
Cause I’ve got all my life to save you and so do you
Track Name: Sparks
Making eyes at two hundred feet
Your awkward silhouette
Fire crawls up inside your skin and tickles down your back
Love sick air inside our lungs exhales at quickened pace
I could love you like a high school girl with age across my face
Dizzy heat I can feel the beat of the pulse inside your chest
This is the spark that we’ll remember
This is the spark that we’ll remember
The one that brings us all together
This is the spark that we’ll remember (harmony)
Take care the little lights that pull each other through
Pale pink light through our closed lids
My salty twisted mouth
Sun kissed hands that wander free and feel me inside out
Bodies doing what they’re made to do under foreign sky
We’re endless shades of the same blue
Filled with perfect light
Dizzy heat I can hear you speak of the endless summer hue
Track Name: Lovers Collide
I am your darkest oppression, the one that you hide
The theory of peaceful, the strangest disguise
And I know that you have the fight in ya my love
So take a look at this picture and open your eyes
The smallest resemblance of what you can’t buy
And I know that you have the heart in ya my love
You’d better hope that the lovers collide
And hope the ache you keep quiet won’t eat you alive
You’d better hope that the lovers collide
I am your deepest regret oh the one you hold dear
The farthest you’ve gone is still bringing you near
And I know that you’ve got the fight in ya my love
So grab a hold of this picture, remember it well
Cause one day it’ll save you from heaven and hell
And I know that you’ve got the heart in ya my love
So take it out, don’t put it in, the simple times you hope begin
Like caviar and cigarettes could ever snub your regrets
Track Name: Silent Player
Take me when you need it, take me to the start
Of when we both assumed it, of when we played the part
Now we’re empty handed, a pretty parting card
Words when you don’t mean it
Cut without the scar
My mind is stuck in the middle, of what the signs could bring
And days are strange and they’re muddled to me, to me
I’m the one who cannot keep you
He’s a silent player saying “Thrill me, move me, just don’t see me”
Fill me up and leave it, fill me up and go
Proof is when you mean it, when time gives way to flow
Leave me empty hearted, leave me on my own
Take my heart and beat it, I could be alone
Track Name: Stereo
You and I, a back and forth picture
Neck in neck I pull ahead past ya
You stay cool to bring me back closer
I pull back to make you seem taller
Stuck in this power trip frenzy
Dead weight you drag alongside me
A scared leach you suck my skin freely
A quick flick I’ll fling you off happily
Won’t go give it up for you, don’t give it up, won’t give it up
Okay you throw a low blow
Tell me off for playing on your stereo
On your stereo, on your stereo – o
you’re afraid I’m playing on your stereo
Okay you’ve hit a new low
Tell me off for playing on your stereo
On your stereo, on your stereo – o
you’re afraid I’m playing on your stereo
Last chance to stand on my shoulders
Quick fix to make you feel fuller
Your lips may move while I’m speaking
Well find a voice since I’m leaving
Don’t pout cause I’m the bread winner
Without me you’ll just be thinner
Starvation suits you so perfectly
Write your little songs to get back at me
I won’t dumb down, I won’t play fair
I won’t keep to myself you’ll see me everywhere